Sydney Nannas North-west Round Up

The Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends recently travelled to northwest NSW to see for themselves not only Santos’ unwanted gasfield in the Pilliga forest, but also the many attractions the area has to offer visitors. The Nannas’ blog has now been updated with more photos and information to help you plan a trip there too.

Different experiences are available for travellers to the area, depending on their interests, their knowledge of coal seam gas and if they have visited before. Itineraries can be flexible so individuals can opt out if they want to relax and read a book.

Since the Nannas return to Sydney they have talked to anyone who would listen about the Narrabri Gas Project and how it will effect this farming region, its communities and existing sustainable enterprises.

For our newest nanna, the trip was a steep learning curve. Nannas, who had not visited the area before, but are well informed about coal seam gas, now feel more confident when discussing the Narrabri Gas Project with others. For those who had visited the Pilliga forest many times, they saw it from a different perspective, discovered new places and learnt a lot from the experience.

If you or your group wish to plan a holiday to the area and want some advice, please call Kathy on 0408 650 851. She can help you plan your visit to get the most out of your holiday.

Quick Links

Day 1 – Window on the Wetlands Centre, Warren

Day 2 – Macquarie Marshes, Carinda, Coonamble

Day 3 – Farm Visit, Pilliga Bore Baths, Telescope, Narrabri

Day 4 – Geni.Energy, gasfield tour, distillery, Sawn Rock

Day 4 – Narrabri Fish Farm

Day 5 – Santos Operations Centre, Yarrie Lake, Pilliga Pottery, Coonabarabran

Day 6 – Barradine Discovery Centre, Sculptures in the Scrub, Sandstone Caves and more

Day 7 – Whitegum Lookout, Warrumbungles, Crystal Kingdom, Star Gazing

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