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Please realise that much of the information here is under Australian, and in specific, NSW law.  Google the title in your home land.

The Guardian Australia (26/03/2015) on the CSG issue

The National Toxics Network - just what is in the water and how does that affect us?

Dr Geralyn McCarron's "Symptomatology of a gas field - An independent health survey in the Tara rural residential estates and environs"

Non-Violent Direct Action wiki definition.

Non-Violent Direct Action from Gasfield-Free Northern Rivers

Non-violent Direct Action Guidelines

Voices from the Gasfields : It started with just ONE well.


Anti-Fracking songs in a lovely Scottish accent (Rhona MacLeod)

Easy to understand info about the fracking process:


Useful links

Lock the Gate Alliance




Nanna Website Updated!

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Election Shenannagins

The Nannas are annoying all pollies equally for Australia's upcoming election.   More info »

Look out Northern Territory, here come the Growling Grannies Against Gas!

Indigenous elders from Arnhem Land, up the top middle of Australia, are not happy about fracking. A must see YouTube video.   More info »

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