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Knitting Nannas in Canberra 28th to 30th May, 2024

Approximately 50 Knitting Nannas from Loops across NSW converged on Canberra for 3 days of actions. The focus of the activity was to highlight the lack of real action by the government on reducing emissions to meet our net zero target. Activities included:

Wednesday 29th – Street Theatre where the Parliamentary Tea Ladies walked out of Parliament to join the Knitting Nannas. (Link to WIN7 TV coverage; Canberra Daily link etc….) as they were tired of all the gas (hot air) in parliament house.

Wednesday 29th – In Minister Bowen’s office, 3 Nannas met with Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen, to present our issues and questions on lack of climate action, and the release of the Future Gas Plan. 

Thursday 30th – Members of Parliament were invited to attend Nannas Kitchen Table Cabinet on the lawns opposite Parliament House. 

We were very happy to have a number of Independent’s come along and share what they are doing to get more climate action from the government. We also had Polly Hemming, director of climate and energy with the Australia Institute, come along and present her reports to us and spend some time talking with us about what we can do to pressure the government into more action.

Image by Cat Sparks

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