Knitting Nannas contribution to ‘Office of Human Rights policy on the rights of older people & climate change’ Formally Acknowledged

The Human Rights Council held a panel discussion on climate change and the rights of older persons and published a report on the topic. You can read the report here:

The work of the Knitting Nannas in this space has been formally acknowledged by the Human Rights Council – an International body that reports to the United Nations High Commissioner.

You can view this post on Instagram:

“We sit, knit, plot and peacefully protest against the destruction of our land, air, and water by corporations and/or individuals who seek profit and personal gain from the short-sighted and greedy plunder of our natural resources.”

Judi Summers

As a mother and grandmother, Judi Summers got involved with the Knitting Nannas because of their commitment to act against climate change. She loves being a part of a group of elderly women who put the environment and a sustainable future before all else. #KnittingNannas was founded in 2012 in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales and has since grown to 35 active loops throughout Australia as well as in the UK, USA and Europe. The nannas are appreciated for their wisdom, caring and playful presence and active engagement within their communities.

#ClimateChange greatly impacts older persons and their human rights. Engaging them can make #ClimateAction more inclusive and effective. Older persons’ activism can also help subvert social stereotypes around old age and build intergenerational solidarity in the climate movement.

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