Helen Kvelde – Mid Coast Knitting Nannas

I joined the nannas in 2018 after moving to Wingham on the midcoast. I had spoken to nannas at protests in Sydney and felt attracted to their warmth and enthusiasm.

I have been involved in various protest groups since I was 18- anti war, refugee rights, environmental etc 

When we moved here I was more and more concerned about the environment and climate change as nothing else will matter if we don’t fix that. 

So I joined the local nannas. I was immediately accepted and warmly welcomed. 

Initially we met monthly, then when Greta started her Fridays for Future we decided we would join with her and have met every Friday outside our local members office (David Gillespie, Nationals). He obviously finds us quite scary as he’s stopped coming into his office on a Friday.

We do other things to support school strike kids, support local forest action groups. Some of us have even been arrested protecting forests. 

We do actions on threatened species day etc While I don’t want to be spending all this time protesting I just think the situation is so drastic that I have to act. I’ve found the nannas to be the most fun protest group I’ve been in – we are sad and angry together, but we also laugh and joke so I find it helps me enormously with my climate grief as I probably have a cry every day seeing what we humans are doing to our beautiful planet.

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