Fire, Flood & Resilience

Grab the remote this Sunday night at 8pm and switch to Aunty ABC (if you aren’t already) to watch Compass. Lismore is a city of diverse environmental groups, including your Nannas, we speak to Compass about what resilience means to us.

From the ABC website: Coming up on Sunday 27 June at 8pm on ABC Plus (channel 22) then anytime on iview. Or catch the encore on Sunday at 6:30pm 4 July and at 11am on 11 July on ABC TV.

Environmental concerns can make strange bedfellows. The Lismore area is one of the most socially and religiously diverse parts of Australia. For many years its communities have dealt with bushfires, floods, fracking-threats and Covid. From traditional owners, to Buddhist practitioners, Catholics under Pope Francis – all the way to Knitting-Nanna activists, care for their environment is at the heart of what they do.

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