Kicking off our 10 days of actions, to let Scott Morrison (ScoMo) & Dr David Gillespie MP know that the MidCoast Knitting Nannas, along with Knitting Nannas,, Lock The Gate Alliance, GetUp! & community groups across Australia, want a people’s recovery, not handouts for oil & gas companies. Together, we’re going to demand this government get it right, so […]

Knitting Nannas held rallies in Sydney and Canberra on March 17 against the expansion of coal and gas mining. Nannas are particularly outraged by governments continuing to prop up coal and gas companies by spending taxpayer dollars to subsidise these industries. Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends marched to the beat of drums from the NSW Minerals Council’s offices in O’Connell

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Yesterday, Sydney Knitting Nannas & Friends welcomed back both houses of parliament after the summer break. Singers and musicians entertained the public at the top end of Martin Place while Nannas talked to passers-by and handed out leaflets listing the priorities for NSW politicians in this first term of parliament for 2021. Several politicians stopped for a chat and took

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Water campaigners called on NSW Parliament to oppose the Coalition Government’s bid to allow massive floodplain harvesting of overland flows which will jeopardise the survival of the struggling Murray Darling Basin. Water for Rivers spokesperson Tracey Carpenter said, “Any bid to license the current excesses in the capture of floodwater in massive private dams threatens the survival of rivers. It’s

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Protect Koala Habitat

In November last year, the Local Land Services (Amendment) Bill 2020 was narrowly defeated when the Honourable Catherine Cusack lived up to her title and crossed the floor to put the survival of the Koala species ahead of her party loyalty.  Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends commend the Hon Ms Cusack for joining with Labor, The Greens, the Animal Justice

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Yesterday, the Hastings-Macleay Knitting Nannas met with Federal MP PatConaghan in Port Macquarie to present him with their concerns about the impact of continuing fossil fuel extraction on a healthy environment. “Our children and grandchildren cannot live without clean water and productive soils for farming” is the message they would like their local representative to take to Canberra and to

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