Victoria blocks AGL’s gas terminal on environmental grounds Renewables plus batteries offer the same energy security as coal and gas Turnbull calls for halt on new coal mines, inquiry on rehabilitation funds.  Malcolm Turnbull was announced as the inaugural chairman of the NSW Net-Zero Emissions and Clean Economy Board to advise the NSW government on climate policy but emphasised he was […]

Quiz 2nd April

Answers 1. Yes on NSW’s south coast. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is concerned the resumption of logging in burnt forests will have long-term, irreversible impacts on forests and have warned Forestry NSW not to resume logging. The EPA seeks to preserve large old trees which often have hollows that are vital for forest dwelling creatures. They also seek to

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Quiz 26 March

Answers 1. 25 million years. 2. 2050. The Save Our Koala Day of Action was postponed from 21 March till 5 June 2021. 3. FOGO is a new waste service: Food Organics and Garden Organics being introduced by some councils. Your food and garden waste go into the same green–lidded bin. Food waste makes up to 40% of the rubbish in red–lidded

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Good News 26 March

Climate scientist allowed to provide evidence in legal challenge to Narrabri Gas NSW individuals and organisations can now take animal cruelty claims to court Woolworths, Coles and Aldi, to source all electricity from renewables by 2025. Platypus populations in NE Victoria are stronger than expected  Tasmania leads Australia’s race to renewables

Nanna Quiz March 2020

Answers 1.  On 17 March the Nannas counted out the 550 footsteps between powerful lobbyist and political donor, The Minerals Council at 12 O’Connell Street, and NSW Parliament. The footsteps were chalked as a symbolic statement spelling out the closeness of the lobbyists and our government. Speakers supported the campaign to end the flow of taxpayers’ money from both state

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City of Sydney’s plan for net-zero buildings from 2026 Sydney plans tree-planting blitz to curb heat Citizen scientists find dormant plant species and rare animals in fire areas  Project to rehydrate the landscape and capture carbon wins award Bladeless, wobbling wind turbines to begin tests in Europe  Menindee Lakes engineering works abandoned Jet fuel from waste ‘dramatically lowers’ emissions Reddit investors use GameStop

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Knitting Nannas held rallies in Sydney and Canberra on March 17 against the expansion of coal and gas mining. Nannas are particularly outraged by governments continuing to prop up coal and gas companies by spending taxpayer dollars to subsidise these industries. Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends marched to the beat of drums from the NSW Minerals Council’s offices in O’Connell

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