After 10 years our memories are a little frazzled (not fracked) so this list is not an exhaustive one, lots of activity may have slipped our memories. 8 June 2012: KNAG was born – Clare Twomey and Lindy Scott at Shannonbrook Ponds 30 June 2012: First KN knit-in outside MP Thomas George’s office. These knit-ins continued weekly (Thursdays) up to […]

Would you believe it, petals, it’s been 10 years since the guerilla espionage not-so-sweet little ladies now known as the Knitting Nannas started their ruthless needling of Metgasco, and of course our state unrepresentative member for Lismore, Thomas George. (Where Are They Now?).Nanna FACT: we knitted Thommo in every Thursday including Christmas Days from the end of June 2012 to the

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The Knitting Nannas Against Gas and Greed visited the Lismore pre-poll yesterday at Southern Cross University to spread a very important message. ‘120 years ago, women finally got the vote in Australia. Now, the planet needs your vote. ’Nanna Dot said that the suffragettes had a tremendous fight to win the right to vote in Britain. ‘Here in Australia, although

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The Human Rights Council held a panel discussion on climate change and the rights of older persons and published a report on the topic. You can read the report here: The work of the Knitting Nannas in this space has been formally acknowledged by the Human Rights Council – an International body that reports to the United Nations High Commissioner.

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This issue of Compass features Georgina Ramsay, a Knitting Nanna from the Lismore Loop. Environmental concerns can make strange bedfellows. The Lismore area is one of the most socially and religiously diverse parts of Australia. For many years its communities have dealt with bushfires, floods, fracking-threats and Covid. From traditional owners, to Buddhist practitioners, Catholics under Pope Francis – all

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The Knitting Nannas are very happy that the Senate supported the establishment of a Greens led inquiry into oil and gas exploration in the Beetaloo Basin. Knitting Nannas are calling for 100% Renewables (net zero emissions) by 2030 and it is time for the Federal Government to listen to the people on the demand for climate action.   AND This

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Grab the remote this Sunday night at 8pm and switch to Aunty ABC (if you aren’t already) to watch Compass. Lismore is a city of diverse environmental groups, including your Nannas, we speak to Compass about what resilience means to us. From the ABC website: Coming up on Sunday 27 June at 8pm on ABC Plus (channel 22) then anytime

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The Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends recently travelled to northwest NSW to see for themselves not only Santos’ unwanted gasfield in the Pilliga forest, but also the many attractions the area has to offer visitors. The Nannas’ blog has now been updated with more photos and information to help you plan a trip there too. Different experiences are available for travellers to

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The Knitting Nannas are chuffed to let you know that the Bridge Gallery in Brisbane are hosting a craftivism exhibition where you can see some of our creations on display. The exhibition is on until the 22nd August 2021. Visit Bridge Gallery and be inspired to help the Knitting Nannas save the environment for future generations, stitch by stitch. You

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Hi students, supporters, organisers and lovers of our Planet. I’m a Knitting Nanna and I’m a Craftivist! Today we rally to send a clear message to the Morrison Government that Gas is not the answer as a replacement for coal. It’s not the “clean” transition fuel that this Govt claims it to be, in fact the fugitive emissions created by

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