NannaCare is Knitting Nannas providing practical, commonsense support of  protectors and those putting themselves in an arrestable situation at actions.  

What We Don’t Do 

We do not offer legal advice; First Aid; Counselling; or Buddies 

What We Do 

• Talk to protectors about dealing with Police.  

• Refer protectors for legal advice. 

• Refer protectors for Counselling. 

• Refer protectors for First Aid. 

• Offer practical, physical support in a dedicated NannaCare area. 

NannaCare Kit & Training 

Nannas wear dedicated ‘apron’ which holds various items i.e. blockout, insect repellant, tissues, rain poncho, notepad and pen, …. 

2 Nannas in Tent – 2 Nannas Roving. 

Talks regularly from tent. 

Roving Nannas to keep eyes and ears out for distressed protectors.