10th Nannaversary Actions Timeline – 30 June 2012 to 30 June 2022

Knitting Nanna co-founders at our first blockade, August 2012, Shannonbrook Ponds.

After 10 years our memories are a little frazzled (not fracked) so this list is not an exhaustive one, lots of activity may have slipped our memories.

  • 8 June 2012: KNAG was born – Clare Twomey and Lindy Scott at Shannonbrook Ponds
  • 30 June 2012: First KN knit-in outside MP Thomas George’s office. These knit-ins continued weekly (Thursdays) up to the big Lismore flood of 2017.
  • June 2012 to January 2013: KN conducted well site tours around Casino.
  • 12 August 2012: Knitting Nannas Clare, Lindy, Frances, Jenny, Yvonne, Jally and Louise attended the Bridging the Divide bus tour around the Tara/Chinchilla gas fields.
  • September 2012 onwards: Roadside vigils outside the Metgasco Depot in Casino weekly for many months
  • 4 November 2012: Knit-in along the route of the Seismic Testing equipment
  • November 2012: NR Nannas travelled to Tamworth for the State Parliament sitting.
  • March 2013: First of many fundraisers, starting with Rock The Gate concert at LWC to raise funds for the health testing of Tara residents. Many meal cookups fundraisers at Lismore City Bowlo also.
  • April 2013: NR and QLD Nannas participated in the first of annual visits to Acland for ANZAC day memorials. Nannas knitted/crocheted wreaths etc each year for placement on the memorial.
The first annual visit to Acland
  • 26 May 2013: Franklin Horses ride to Canberra. NR Nannas, Dr Geralyn McCarron etc travelled down to Canberra for the arrival of the horses at Parliament.
  • June 2013: NR Nannas joined other NR residents to travel to Canberra for a rally at Parliament House.
  • 13 June 2013: Northern Rivers Portrait Prize ceremony. Rhonda Baker’s portrait of Clare was bought by art curator Philip Bacon and was gifted back to the Lismore Gallery for showing.
  • July 2013: Nannas screened Promised Land at BCC cinemas to raise funds for the CSG battle.
  • December 2013: Glenugie blockade and camp presence up to when police aided the rig to enter the drill site on 7 January 2014.
  • January 2014: Doubtful Creek blockade and camp presence.
  • February to May 2014: Nannadome was setup at Camp Liberty where nannas provided NannaCare to arrestees and protectors up to 18th May when Minister Anthony Roberts cancelled the licence due to ????
  • 5 August 2014: Northern Rivers nannas went to Sydney to assist the establishment of the Sydney Knitting Nannas and Manly Knitting Nannas loops.
  • Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) declared Knitting Nannas Climate Heroes for 2014.
  • October 2014: Gloucester AGL blockade. NR Nannas travelled to Gloucester to assist with establishing the Gloucester Knitting Nannas loop. NR nannas participated in this blockade over the period to when AGL withdrew.
  • 2014: First of many trips to support the Gomeroi and North West protectors – Pilliga protest to keep Santos out of the Pilliga.
  • 28 February 2015: Dogs Against Gas gathering and fundraiser.
  • March 2015: First Knitting Nannas Against Gas ‘Inter-nanna-national Conference’ was held in Lismore, attracting approx 75 nannas from across NSW and QLD.
John Jenkyn’s Court Case Victory against QGC
  • 1 July 2015: Nannas travelled to Chinchilla to support John Jenkins in his court appearance
  • 12 September 2015: Nannas participated in the international project ‘Ground Beneath Our Hearts’ at Bentley.
  • 7 November 2015: Nannas participated in the Liverpool Plains ‘Harvest Festival’
  • 18 January 2016: Pilliga Leewood Water Plant 3 Nannas locked on and were arrested.
  • 21 February 2016: Pilliga Push protest action in Pilliga
  • 27 August 2016: KNAG Conference in Chinchilla.
  • 25 August 2017: KNAG Conference Narrabri.
  • 1 December 2017: KNAG 100th week Protest in Martin Place, Sydney.
  • 1 March 2018: Nannas in Brisbane outside Art Gallery
  • March 2014, Nannas attend the Time to Choose Rally in Sydney
  • August 2018: KNAG was jointly awarded Australian Activist of the year 2018 with Annie Kia.
  • August 2018: KNAG Conference in Newcastle area.
  • 8 March 2018: International Womens Day action at NSW Parliament: United to Protect Our Water – No Water No Life.

Exhibitions and Films

  • Nannas featured in the Al Jazeera film ‘Risky Business’ in January 2013
  • Rani Brown of Frogmouth Films made the film ‘Knitting Nannas’ which was screened at Flickerfest in Sydney. You can see a few more Nanna films by Frogmouth Films including “Courage for the Long Haul here.
  • 23 November 2014: NannaRAP was filmed by Byron Bay Multimedia in Lismore.
  • Serpentine Gallery in North Lismore exhibited an Anti CSG works, including Clare on tripod at Doubtful Creek.
  • Yarrawarra Gallery out of Grafton exhibited the Knitting Nannas put together by Nanna Lynette Eggins.
  • Lismore Art Gallery had a Bentley protest exhibit which featured the Knitting Nannas as an installation.
  • Adderton Gallery in Brisbane exhibited Knitting Nanna memorabilia in April 2021.

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