Donations—The Bickie Jar

The Knitting Nannas often find ourselves having to dip our hands in the bickie jar for a worthwhile cause or two. We find that lovely and generous sweetie-pies (much like yourself) help us continue doing the work we do so well.

Update 6 June 2016

Sorry poppets, I'm just now catching up on 2015 EOF.  Just in time for 2016 EOF!  

The Climate Council monthly donation; Lock The Gate Alliance; Nannas visiting Cape York for a documentary; Front Line Action; information DVDs; Nanna trips to Sydney to attend and speak at rallies; travel to Agquip; Environmental Defenders Offices NSW and Qld; support for our musicians and filmmakers; Pilliga Camp; Nimbin, Lismore and Casino Environment centres; bus hire.

Our latest update (30 March 2015) - since so many of you have been asking: 

The Bentley Gatekeepers, repairs to the Nanna Tea van, yarn for donation berets, more DVDs, products for sale and giving away, our Internannanational Conference, the Envirnomenal Defenders Office, the National Toxic Network, and the other usual suspects.   

 Feb 2015 update - since so many of you have been asking:

Calendars and Seasonal cards for fundraising, our monthly $50 donation to the Climate Change Authority, fuel costs for our wonderful film-makers, burning DVDs and printing information to hand out to anyone who's hand happens to be open at the time.  Personally, Nannas spent a lot of their own money on trips to Gloucester to share our Nanna Care (sensible support for blockading) support package, ongoing donations to our local Groups against Gas, local knit-ins at standing State and Federal MPs' offices, large multi-national corporation's HQs, and more and more and more.  

In 2014, the Knitting Nannas Against Gas (Northern Rivers) used funds raised towards:

donations to the Nimbin Environment Centre, the Casino  Environment Centre, the Lismore Environment Centre, the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO), the Climate Change Authority (a regular $50 per month donation after the government cut their funding), filmmakers David Lowe, Brendan Shoebridge and Rani Brown, the Lock the Gate Alliance, purchases of yarn and other materials, the purchase of equipment and stuff for making DVDs and information packages for free distribution, Nannas' travel, a few extra gigabytes of internetty thingo, independant research, the massive Nanna Care support package for the Bentley and then Gloucester blockades and more!

Pretty much things we think deserve it.

Contrary to popular expectation, this money is not spent on sherry/port and lemon, bingo or the geegees.

The bank account details for making a donation by direct deposit are:
Knitting Nannas Against Gas
BSB 728 728
Account 22293856




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